Entering the third week of the legislative session in Colorado

The First Regular Session of the 70th Colorado General Assembly is now entering its 3rd week of business. There have been about 260 bills introduced to date. We expect to see between 600-700 before final adjournment in early May. You can access information on introduced legislation, including calendars of scheduled debate, current status of the bills, fiscal notes and other helpful information by going to the Colorado General Assembly home page. As well, you can listen to live audio broadcasts of committee hearings and watch live video broadcasts of House and Senate floor sessions.

70th Session of the Colorado General Assembly


The 70th Session of the Colorado General Assembly will convene on Wednesday, January 7 at 10 am.  The legislature will meet in regular session for no more than 120 days, with adjournment
sine die occurring not later than midnight on Wednesday, May 6.  Traditionally the legislature seems to use its full allotment of 120 days and adjourns at or just before the final midnight hour.  There have been a few occasions in the past when adjournment occurred several days early, but these are rare occurrences.

Our annual Legislative Outlook, or preview of the coming session will be available early next week.  We have been preparing an annual preview for more than 20 years and our readers seem to enjoy it.  There are links to past previews, as well as reviews prepared at the end of the session(s) available at the Resources link on our website.