LobbyColorado Associates (also known as Tomlinson & Associates) take a great deal of pride in our long-standing relationships with our clients based on the cornerstone of our organization - integrity. Absolute integrity in our dealings with clients, elected and appointed officials, staff and other professionals is the way we feel we can most effectively serve our clients. We offer a full range of consulting, monitoring and lobbying services. We believe in frequent and open communication with our clients and collaborative strategic planning. As the business of government relations has evolved, so have we. We are truly a "24/7" organization.

We have a proven record of success that comes as a direct result of thorough planning, coalition building, negotiation and respect and trust gained through many years of working with legislators and others. We work hard at maintaining contacts and relationships and the trust of members of the Executive Branch and the various departments of state government. We work closely with various business organizations, local governments and trade associations to achieve the desired goals of our clients.

Our experience and individual practices are focused on representing the interests of higher education, business and public entities. Our legislative issues have included tort reform, auto and workers' compensation insurance reform, environmental quality, health care reform, infrastructure improvement, tax reform, transportation, economic development and human resources. Individual and collaborative experiences have taken place in a number of forums: the corporate setting, the state legislature, various state regulatory agencies and participation in broad-based coalition building with affinity organizations and associations. We can provide you with the contacts and the services you need!
We provide a wide range of services to our clients, including:
Statutory research and drafting
Regulatory agency relations
Public affairs
Grassroots organization and implementation
Strategic planning
Monitoring and reporting
Opposition research
Coalition building
Political action committee (PAC) organization and research
Ballot Initiatives